A New Years’ Interview w/ Alex Maas of The Black Angels

(Alternative title: An Unexpected Interview w/ Alex Maas of the Black Angels)


By: Jordannah Elizabeth


I met Alex Maas for a brief moment in 2008 in front of the Bluebird theater in Denver, CO. The Black Angels were on tour with the Warlocks who I’d been hanging out with for a few weeks in Los Angeles before their tour commenced.

I went to Denver out of boredom I guess, and was curious to see Dead Meadow at the Larimer Lounge because I’d heard a lot about them and missed their shows on the West Coast, and of course I’d heard a lot about The Black Angels who were getting tons of press and attention in the scene at that time.

Anyway, I met Alex and The Black Angels in front of the venue as they were packing up to leave. I said hi and asked them a random question, because I was 21 and drunk, and looking for a boyfriend who was already genuinely annoyed with my existence. They were all very warm and kind and told me where they thought he was. Alex introduced himself to me. Then I scurried off to continue my on my own little self deluded adventure.

I regret not taking the time to speak with the band longer, but at that age, I was a tumble weed. I had not roots. If someone didn’t demand my attention, I didn’t have the sense to stand still and inquire about them. You live you learn.

Check out this very concise interview I did with Alex Maas. I appreciate him taking the time out to do this. This is a great gift I can share with everyone this New Years’ Eve:

What made you want to be a musician?
My friends

Who are your musical influences?
Beastie Boys, Wu Tang, Beck, BJM (Brian Jonestown Massacre), Huun Huur Tu, Donovan, Troggs, Electralane, Mississippi John Hurt, Tony Conrad (outside the dream syndicate), Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Bowie, 13th floor Elevators, and The Beatles.

Did you ever expect to be so successful as a musician?
Definitely not

What’s the best thing about being in The Black Angels?
Being around my best friends

What’s the most challenging thing about being on a major label?
Well I wouldn’t Blue Horizon is a major label. But I have heard that on major labels it is tough to get the label to focus on just your band because generally major labels have so many bands. This isn’t the case for Blue Horizon.

Do you like to perform or record more?
They both are fun but, I don’t know if I prefer one over the other. Maybe recording?

Are you guys coming out with a new album?
We are in the process of recording a new record. It should be out 2012.

If you had any advice for young musicians what would it be?
TOUR and surround yourself with people who have done this before.

If you could choose a different profession, what would it be?
poker player

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