A Gregarious Interview w/ Christian Bland of The Black Angels

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By Jordannah Elizabeth:


Shoegaze is my life.  I have a very particular musical taste and palate, and thrive in a specific field of music expertise. 

This doesn’t mean I haven’t had great experiences like meeting Courtney Love and throwing a couple of metal rock shows… it just means that when I’m in a conversation about music, whether it be with a major label exec, or an indie rock blogger, I never cease to explain that I’m not really interested in too much music outside of the psyche/shoegaze orb of reality and sound.

No one judges me for it. 

Nonetheless, it took a young man from Warsaw, Poland to mention to me several times about his love for Christian Bland and the Revelators and his different music projects.  After interviewing Alex Maas, I did have a little revelation to interview Mr. Bland…but it was truly my European friend and his Bland fanaticism who made our simple connect actually manifest.

Whatever or whoever brings us together is just another brick in the wall, and a link in the chain of shoegaze and musical expression.  Such is life.

I’d like to thank Christian Bland for partaking in this interview.  After reading it, I learned that I have the more in common with him than I have with any other psych musician I’ve ever interviewed.  Anyone who is a preacher’s kid, and a Daryl Strawberry fan is a friend of mine:

How many music projects are you playing in?

Three. The Black Angels, UFO Club, & Christian Bland & The Revelators.

How do you balance working with different bands?

The Black Angels is my main thing. When The Black Angels have down time, I play with the Revelators, which is my solo project. I like playing live, so it allows me to do that more often around Austin. The Black Angels only play a couple Austin shows a year. The UFO Club is a project with Lee Blackwell, the lead guitarist/singer for The Night Beats. So we’re only able to get together when he comes through town.

Who were your musical influences?

My Dad had The Beatle’s Sgt. Peppers album and Bob Dylans’ The Times are a Changin’ record, and I would listen to them over and over as a kid. Those albums along with my parents always listening to Oldies 94.5 in Houston laid the foundation for my musical influences. Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly, Syd Barrett, John Lennon, Brian Wilson, The Byrds are some of my favorites

What was your childhood like?

My Dad was a preacher in Miami, FL when I was born and we moved to Houston when I was 7. I grew up going to church every Sunday. I loved baseball (Daryl Strawberry) and collecting Garbage Pail Kids.

Did you think The Black Angels would become so successful?

No, I cant believe what we’ve gotten to do and all the places we’ve been.
I knew in 2004 when I graduated from UT that I wasn’t passionate about advertising, and that I needed an alternative plan. I figured the thing I enjoyed most in life was playing the guitar and creating music, so I should put 100% into making it my job, allowing me to pay my bills and eat. It’s gone beyond that, which is a real blessing.

What are your interests besides music?

I like screen printing and graphic design. I majored in advertising/graphic design at FSU then went to UT for grad school. I still get to use my skills for the black angels.

DIY or Major label?

Whichever would allows us to be bigger than the Beatles.

USA tour or International tour?

I love traveling overseas, but I think I prefer playing in the USA only because I get to use my own amp & our Compact Duo Farfisa. We can’t travel with our amps or the Farfisa overseas because they’re too heavy, so we use a backline. I think the crowds in Europe are more into it though.

If you had any advice for new musicians and bands, what would it be?

I think you’ve gotta make it your sole reason for being here. We all moved in with each other early on, and it made us practice more and become immersed in our music. I think that everything you do should be about what you love the most.

If you could have any other profession outside of music, what would it be?

A graphic designer or an archeologist.

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