Nursing Home: A Live Review

Nursing Home has emerged in the New York City live music scene this year, and is already making an impact with audiences. Justin Symbol is a dynamic front man with a seething scream who also possesses an impressive proficiency on electronic musical instruments.

The band has a wonderful mix of talented musicians. Alessio Casalini and Alexi Artemov do more than hold their own on the guitar and drums respectively. Alexi always impresses me with his jazz background, which brings a more progressive rock feel to Nursing Home’s performance. Alessio carries the melody of all of the songs effortlessly. He makes it looks so easy as he find diverse and creative ways to play the songs in a manner that is professional, and doesn’t leave you missing the frequencies of a live bass guitar.

Nursing Home is an energetic rock and roll band, that displays an eccentric and eclectic mix of punk, goth, and industrial rock aesthetics. You can dance, mosh, and head bang to every song without missing a beat. Nonetheless, unlike, punk and goth rock, the tempos, moods, and genres bends from song to song. Alexi’s drum style holds the songs together when it comes to coherency, and Alessio’s ability to play complex riffs and chords while keeping the songs danceable is really amazing. Justin is so great to watch while he morphs his vocals and chimes in with electronic samples. Nursing Home comes off as a mature and professional rock trio.

This is an important live band because it’s going to break a lot of boundaries in the realm of glam, goth, and industrial rock. Nursing Home has the ability to fit in with the indie, dance, electronic and darkcore scenes as well.

They also insert beautiful breaks of experimental noise art between songs (which is what Brooklyn is all about). Symbol is extremely vibrant, sexy, and interactive with the crowd, and the entire live experience is very entertaining.

Do not miss Nursing Home’s next live performance! Check their website: www.nursinghomeband.com for more info!

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