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Scott Vittorelli Speaks to The Process Records and TPR Psych Nights Radio Show

Scott of The Asteroid #4 spoke with The Process Records about his future and the band’s aspirations.  Check out part two of his interview on TPR Psych Nights on DKFM Shoegaze Radio this Saturday at 8 pm EST and Sunday at 10 am EST.

Here is a preview of the brilliant future of The Asteroid #4.

You seem to have a few recording projects going on, let us know some details?

Over the past year or so we’ve been real busy in the studio.  We just wrapped up a collaboration record with Peter Daltrey(Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour).  It is called “The Journey” and something that was a great experience for us as we are very fond of what Peter has done musically. It’s not everyday that a band gets to work with one of their heroes.  In addition to that, we’ve also been recording a set of songs that will be made available as a series of 7″ singles and digital downloads.  We’re working with a few different small independent labels to release the singles.  These new songs are part of a larger stockpile of music we have been writing and recording throughout this year, which will ultimately lead to a new full-length release in early ’13.

Do you benefit from releasing your music digitally?

We do.  We are really beginning to see the compact disc’s demise and prefer to focus on only vinyl and digital download releases. We feel the folks who are interested in what we do are typically record collectors.  The digital download, however, allows us to get our music out there efficiently and we hope that our fans would buy the record directly from us during our shows or our website.

Are you planning on touring this year?

This particular year is tough.  Our guitarist, Ryan, is also a member of the Dead Skeletons and they have been very busy this year as well.  He’s been bouncing back and fourth throughout the year to record with us, but playing shows would be a little too much to work out this year.  That’s not to say we wouldn’t do one-offs, like this years Austin Psychfest, but there is really no reason for us to get on the road this year.  Once we have something new to support, as in what we’re currently working on, we’ll be back at it.

Are there any bands that you’d like to tour with?

Of course!  We’ve had the pleasure to tour with many great bands, and friends, over the years and it’s really the only way to do it. Touring is getting to be very expensive and takes a lot of logistical planning to make it a success.  We would love to tour with the Black Angels at some point.  We toured with the BJM a few times and would obviously love that opportunity again.  We’ve been speaking a bit with Spindrift, as they’re very good friends, about maybe doing something in the near future.  If we can make it to the UK again relatively soon, we’d like to play again with the Cult of Dom Keller and the Koolaid Electric Company. Too many to list, but hopefully they’ll come to fruition.

Tell us about your recently released track and music video?

“Revolution Prevail”?  Well it definitely exemplifies what we’ve been up to as of late.  We’ve been working on all kinds of stuff, nothing out of the ordinary for us to attempt though, but maybe turning up the heat a bit.  We’re definitely trying to push ourselves a bit in getting heavier, but not always musically.  It could also be lyrically, but we’re trying to branch out a bit.  We have even dipped back into some of our country-rock swayings, which we will be unveiling very soon.  The video for “Revolution Prevail” was created for us by Butch “WonderMuddle” Huffington in the UK.  We were very fond of some of the other things we’ve seen him do and asked if he’d want to do some “muddling” for us…he has thankfully agreed.  Cheers!

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