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Featured Artist: Wow! – New York’s Electro Garage Super Duo

wowWOW is a New York based electro-garage supergroup project of two seasoned musicians, each with their own rich history:

Moscow – bred, New York – grown and California matured, Dmitry Wild plays guitar for WOW and covers the lead vocal duties, as well, setting himself apart from other artists by incorporating the unique aesthetic of using a telephone receiver as a vocal mic. Dmitry refined this technique with his last project, Weapons of the Future, a five-piece garage punk group that was based in San Francisco, which dissolved in November of 2011. Prior to this project, Dmitry had founded his first band, NYC’s Table Dreams, who were heavily influenced by metal and punk music, and somewhere in between he managed to find time to collaborate with Peruvian Jenniffer ClarOscura, under the name Wild Thing, she was in a well known indie cult band from Peru: ELECTRO-Z!.

Siberian-born Vladimir Komarov (not to be confused with Vladimir Komarov, the astronaut) is responsible for pounding out the driving bass of WOW and often supports Dmitry’s vocals. His background is largely based within his own country, in the summer of 2006, Vladimir’s  project, Punk TV, signed with Moscow production company Soundhunters, and Vladimir moved to the capital to become a professional musician.  Punk TV and his stint as the frontman (guitarist/vocals) for Siberian shoegazers, Hot Zex (1995-present) made an impact on the Russian indie rock and indietronica scene, earning international acclaim. Vladimir has also proven to be quite versatile in the realm of music production as he began taking on independent sound engineering projects in 2006 for the likes of Dairy High (Moscow, indie rock) and Manicure (Moscow, post-punk).

Together, these two very eclectic individuals and personalities form the powerhouse, two-piece supergroup that is WOW. And it’s clear there could be none more compatible in the city’s vicinity, as their strong collective chemistry blends and borrows elements of post-punk with the wall-of-sound aesthetics of shoegaze. The final entity realizes a sound that is both danceable and at times no-wave– raw and fuzz-heavy garage guitars, a thumping and driving bass anchor, drum machines, and Dmitry’s staple, makeshift tele-mic– evoking comparisons to such pioneers as Joy DivisionThe Jesus and Mary Chain, and Interpol.

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