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Featured Artist: Chords of Truth – On A Trip of Deep Self-Inquiry

chordsoftruthChords of Truth is Jason Garriotte, a singer/songwriter inspired by a symphony of melodies and the art of collaboration in his debut EP “Reflections of Reality“. The framework for this album was born out of over 10 years of playing his unique cover versions of classic songs. Working with producer Jeffrey Joslin, they created an EP that sends you on a trip of self reflection with mind-expanding lyrics and a driving acoustic guitar soundtrack implementing harmonies, piano and fingerpicking. He has an open musical vision that sonically invites us to embrace the world of possibilities in life’s journey. Described as “an acoustic powerhouse” the music is restrained material and the lyrics are closest to the spiritual output of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan.” Chords of Truth influences include classic artists like Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel with a unique sound that has been compared to recent artists like Andrew Bird, Iron and Wine, Kurt Vile and with a hint of Knife Party, The Orb, and Massive Attack thrown in.

Since the release of “Reflections of Reality“, Jason decided to collaborate with various producers to see if his message would translate well in new formats. The experiment was a success, and he soon recognized that many of his new fans were from the electronic music community, and these listeners appreciated the lyrical content and intent of the project. This was the birth of the “Chords of Truth Remixed” LP a massive undertaking that eventually found Jason working with 14 producers to create an official double album as well as 8 additional remix EP’s spanning a multitude of genres settling under the moniker “folktronica”

Jason will be spending the coming year on tour, writing new material and promoting the project. “Reflections of Reality” (Remixed Double LP) is due for release March 12, 2013.

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