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Fractal Cat – Jordannah Elizabeth – KR-3 Perform at Joe Squared in Balimore, MD 3/30



TPR founder and psychedelic soul music Jordannah Elizabeth will be performing live in Baltimore, Maryland with local band, Fractal Cat and West Virginia based ensemble, KR-3 at the legendary pizza parlor and music venue Joe Squared on March 30th. RSVP here.



fractal1Baltimore band Fractal Cat emphasizes classic songwriting, a strong vocal presence, and a multilayered psychedelic sound. Originally the solo studio endeavor of songwriter Miles Gannett, the project evolved into a five-piece rock ensemble. Fractal Cat weaves pop song and vocal craft influenced by greats from Buddy Holly to Smokey Robinson with sonic exploration in the spirit of early Pink Floyd and Gong.

The band grew out of Gannett’s studio efforts, over the course of recording their first album, The Eye in the Dawn (released October 2012). Inspired by the psychedelic experience and a journey of spiritual awakening, The Eye in the Dawn pays homage to the great theme albums of the sixties and seventies.

The Eye in the Dawn features the classical harp and keyboard of Meghan Gwyer, the jazz/Afro-beat influenced drumming of Jason Baker, the electronic sound-wizardry of Joe Clark, the acoustic rhythm guitar of Keith Jones, the dubbed-out bass of Andy Myatt, and Gannett’s lysergic lead guitar and production. Gannett handles the majority of lead vocals, with Jones lending harmonies on several tracks. Several guest musicians have also made contributions to the album, including Chris Mandra of Telesma, Tiffany DeFoe of The Bellevederes, and Sean Finn of Great Mutant Skywheel and Sahffi.

Playing live, the band modulates between sample-rich re-creations of studio sounds and psychedelic improvisation. Whether showcasing original compositions or re-envisioning rock ‘n’ roll classics, Fractal Cat aims to delight and inspire.


jordannaheJordannah Elizabeth‘s music is the experimental and psychedelic folk solo manifestation of her nomadic spirit, currently based on the U.S. east coast. Previously, while her entire discography was hosted by the late Trastienda Net Label, she had found moderate international success and exposure. In mid-2012 the label unexpectedly folded leaving the earlier Makeshivt Kity (her experimental music project) and Jordannah Elizabeth releases–scores of EPs and a few polished full-length albums– to be all but lost to various, dispersed pockets of the vastly eclectic internet. This ending only seemed to inspire a new beginning within Jordannah, always looking ahead with headstrong determination, as she began writing material for her next full-length release. Now, this brand new album, entitled “Harvest Time,” finds itself in the developmental stages and set to be released as early as March 2013!

This new album is a very exciting release for neo-psychedelic music of 2013, as it will likely incorporate the unique and soulful sounds of JE’s experimental- and anti-folk roots. “Harvest Time” will also be something of a collaborative album as MV has invited some of her close friends– including members of The Flying Eyes, Scorpion Child, and The Vandelles– to accompany her on select tracks, adding a collective collage of creative minds to the heady mix. Lg of Dead Leaf Echo will be mixing Harvest Time!


kr-3KR-3 is 5 piece original Psychedelic Jam Rock band hailing from Wheeling, West Virginia. Since their foundation was built in 2004, KR-3 has played more than 200 mind bending shows, sharing the stage with artists like Tim Reynolds, The Pimps of Joytime, Kofi Burbridge, John the Conqueror, and many others.

The band’s sound is a soul grabbing, mind expanding, psychedelic, funk, and blues inspired jam, mixed with prevailing three part vocal harmonies, which you can hear all throughout their latest album “Fractures and Sparks” and at their live shows.

Besides playing music festivals through the Northeast alongside notable artists such as Rusted Root, The Werks, and Ekoostic Hookah, KR-3 is currently touring up and down the East coast of the United States playing to packed houses hundreds of miles outside of their hometown. KR-3 has a supernatural ability to improvise together as one brain. With the powerful and moving lyrics of Tim Boyd, strong vocal harmonies of Shane Lundy and Travis Hoard, raging guitar solos over the power and energy this band’s rhythm section puts forth during each live performance, leaves audiences yearning for more.


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