The Process Records Media Group

Event Details: The Process Records Spring Showcase 2013


The Deli Magazine & Dream Wave Radio Present:

The Process Records Spring Showcase


TICKET PRICE: $7 // $8

DOORS: 8:00pm

8:30 – Romantic State
9:30 – Throw Vision
11:30 – Weird Owl

Get tickets:


Weird Owl 2
Weird Owl moves through its environment with one eye on the decay of the undergrowth and one eye on the starry heavens above, for as much as BYBAF seems at home in the seeds, roots and canopy of the forest, it also appears to be just as comfortable far beyond in the infinite swaths of interstellar space. Listen here.





If you told Sun Ra he had to write a record with the Dirty Projectors, you might get something out of it that sounds similar to Brooklyn’s Throw Vision. The quartet does indeed blast into outer space, with crazy harmonies and stop-start rhythms intact, exploring new spaces in sound through tracks like ‘Hold Your Tongue’ and ‘Water Basket’ off the group’s surprisingly fun debut. Saying this band takes leaps and bounds with their fugal harmonies would be an understatement, but they’re also just as sure to include you in all the sonic explorations. -the Deli Magazine  Listen here.


A Shell Is Born is an endearing, introspective album. Sonically skeletal but still lush with the possibilities of love, this is a triumphant effort from two electronically-inclined singer/songwriters whose take on love in the new millennium is coyly atmospheric, but focused. A Shell is Born also showcases an amazing cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”  Listen here.

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