tprlogo2014The Process Records Media Group’s
ethos is about the LOVE of music. It was forged as a promotional resource for bands and creative businesses seeking a personal touch in media exposure. With fair rates, consideration for non-profit ventures and approachability, the aim is to provide professional services at an affordable level.

TPR Media Group has created a nonprofit sector called, Publik / Private.

P / P works to provide internship opportunities, job placement, and career development for musicians, arts and culture journalists and creative writers within their fields of interest or study. We also provide volunteer opportunities and internships within Publik / Private so that artists may hone their professional media skills in a supportive and safe environment.

TPR Media Group is also partners with the online/print music publication, The Deli Magazine.

Jordannah Elizabeth started Jordan’s River Promotions in 2004 in Denver, CO where she specialized in art and music event coordination, and artist and model management at 19 years old. In 2007, she moved to Los Angeles and started The Process: Net Label to organize her personal music catalog that was growing harder to manage each year. In November 2010, she started booking events in partnership with Hangman Booking for Fat Baby in Manhattan, NY and other clubs in the Metropolitan area. Jordannah Elizabeth now works as a music journalist and runs The Process Records Media Group which is a fully functional record label, marketing, and publicity firm. Jordannah’s passion for music is unprecedented, and her wide range of knowledge of indie, psyche, and experimental rock makes her a sought after insider in the music industry.



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