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JAKE4Jacob Hales is an avant-garde and experimental multi-instrumentalist (including fluency in vocals, found and standard percussion, keyboards, and guitar) based in the heart of New York City’s eclectic art and music scenes. Early on in his musical career, Jacob enjoyed rich and fruitful collaborations (usually performing guitar duties) with partner-in-crime, Jordannah Elizabeth on a number of projects. Through their friendship, they formed a short-lived, regionally-celebrated experimental duo, donning themselves Cyclical Silver Slick Sunshine, which would have the pair go on to invent a raw, mind-manifesting aesthetic of soul-inspired freak folk. This project played out live around the underground NYC for a couple of years, alongside bands with names like Baby Erection and Cave Days (2010-2011), and digitally released a single 4-track EP titled “Cult Grrlfriend” as well as a few live recordings scattered about the inner realms of the internet. Almost overlapping simultaneously, Jordannah had been working on her own, solo, Makeshivt Kity album through 2010, on which Hales offered his guitar chops and eclectic tastes in songwriting and art sounds. The MK album, “Love Forever,” was released in October 2010, which was additionally supplemented by the soft release of just the sole instrumental tracks supplied by Jacob, under the title “Chrysanthemum Corner Kisses.”

All along the way, Jacob was effectively growing his affinity for unusual and experimental scoring, as well as “art sounds” in the sense of musique concrète. Many of these components were inspired by legendary outsider artists who tended to think and act on the far-out fringes of mainstream culture including some of Jacob’s influential heroes: Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, Jandek, and perhaps even Frank Zappa. December 2012, saw the first official culmination of all his years spent perfecting and distorting his solo craft: the release of Hales’ conceptual 14-track “Alice Finds Home.” This much anticipated, cumulative release was summarized best by The Process Records‘ “…the experimental nature [of Jacob Hales] will be a trial, almost a psychological study, of hit-or-miss. If your ears have developed enough to appreciate the curious subtleties of psychedelic music, beautiful noise, and everyday sounds, there’s a good chance you will dig ‘Alice Finds Home.’”



The Love Dimension is a sacred psychedelic garage punk country surf band from San Francisco whose influences stem from an eclectic mix of music’s past and future. Originally from the lost city of Atlantis, the band has prevailed through multiple reincarnations. In 2008, they returned to the Bay Area to create sonic architecture for the benefit of sentient beings across the multiverse.

The Love Dimension has played all over the Bay Area and has toured the west and east coasts, as well as the Midwest. They played at the 2011 and 2012 San Frandelic Summer Festival and were part of the Mission Creek Festival in 2009 and 2012. The Love Dimension has shared the stage with great bands, including Spindrift, Bare Wires, Jeffertitti’s Nile, Battlehooch, Glitter Wizard, Zodiac Death Valley, Tim Cohen’s Magic Trick, The Blank Tapes, Os Beaches, Free Moral Agents, The Hypnotist Collectors, The Lotus Moons, The Upside Down, Tumbleweed Wanderers, and Whiskerman.

Shining light through the spectrum of love and the inner journey, The Love Dimension continues to rock the audience out of their minds, into their hearts, and onto the dance floor.


buzzmuttInitially conceived in the mind of Scott Franklin years before he would find the means to actualize it, Buzzmutt came to fruition out of what appeared to be a disaster to all involved. The three founding members of Buzzmutt – Scott Franklin, Eric Alonzo, and Jesse Olswang – originally met playing in another band, Sid Arthur. As it became increasingly clear to the three back-up members that Siddhartha’s days were numbered, due to the eccentricities of its lead singer and the intolerable conditions deriving there from, they decided to join forces on their own terms, starting a collaborative project that found influences as far ranging as Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Wolf Eyes, and Built to Spill. Only months after coming together on their own, Chas Anthony, who had met Scott through working at the same grocery store, was the perfect choice for the role of second guitarist, bringing his signature crunchy tone and effect-pedal experimentations to the over-all sound. With Scott on guitar and vocals, Eric on bass, Jesse on drums and electronics, and now Chas as second guitar player, the four of them became the official Buzzmutt, releasing their first album in July 2012: Static in the Mind’s Eye.

Near the beginning of 2013, a fifth member would be added to the line-up – Jason Adams. Arriving simultaneously with what would become a new chapter for Buzzmutt, they prepared to begin work on a new EP with former Mars Volta member Isaiah “Ikey” Owens acting as their producer. Ikey had approached them after, excited by what he had seen and heard, and offered his services as a producer. Jason, who alternates between playing percussion, keyboard, and guitar, had arrived just in time to begin pre-production in early April 2013. Ikey had arranged to record the album at The Compound in long-beach with the legendary engineer Antoine “Anthony” Arvizu, whose work on such classics as Sublime’s 40oz. to Freedom made him an ideal choice. The Ep will be released in 2014.



The story begins in 2008 as King Kongress: an ambitious, yet failed 6-person ensemble from Santa Cruz. Upon a move north to San Francisco in 2009, the group pares down to power trio form & dubs themselves ladyfinger. Their debut recording (“Burnt Sienna Brown”) is released in 2010 & recorded in the hills of Oregon by ex bandmate-turned-producer Ben Schaaff.
After a glowing reception to its release, the band relocates to the Whiteaker District in Eugene & rechristens themselves Growwler. The subsequent single “How can you be so Sure” earned them a finalist spot in Eugene Weekly’s “Next Big Thing” and artistic sponsorship via Ninkasi Brewery. A remix collaboration with Brooklyn-based Vinegar Hill Studios will follow in 2011. 

They permanently relocated their songcraft & musical errantry back to San Fran Bay in 2012: releasing an EP (“Shooter’s Hill”) and explosive music video debut to accompany (awarded “Audience Favorite” at MVR ’13). Not content with “verse-chorus-verse” or a pop scene saturated with rubber artists singing fake plastic songs, Growwler is unpardonably happy making beautiful things, even if nobody cares.
jordannahpressrawJordannah Elizabeth’s music is the psychedelic folk soul manifestation of her nomadic spirit. Currently splitting her time between NYC and San Francisco, she had found moderate international success and exposure as solo lofi experimental artist, Makeshivt Kity, while her entire discography was hosted by the late Trastienda Net Label from 2008-2012.

In mid-2012 the label unexpectedly folded, inspired a new beginning for Jordannah to explore more composed soul and folk compositional styles. Jordannah recorded a three tracks single with Los Angeles producer and composer Marika Tjelios in L.A. in 2009, and has recorded scores of demos and bedroom recordings, including the full length 2012 unreleased album, Harvest Time.

In November 2013 recorded a new EP entitled Bring to the Table while playing several bi coastal tour dates. Look out for Bring to the Table in the fall of 2014.

mute message photoWhen you think of a cello, ambient experimental music may not be the first thing that comes to mind; but after a listen to vocalist, Jordannah Elizabeth and cellist Kate Porter’s new collaboration, your ears will thank you for the experience. This bi coastal, Baltimore/San Franisco based duo, has created a four-song project that features a striking range of themes, all of which sound like they could be components of a soundtrack to a new-age historical epic. The longest track at 6 minutes and 28 seconds, “You Won’t Regret It,” begins with a somber cello solo that slowly builds and gains power, soon to come back down and end with an ethereal two minute extended decrescendo. “What You’re Hiding” opens with an exciting hook that conjures up images of a sly, calculated tango that is quickly joined by layers of an equally beautiful, melancholic voice that adds a silvery airiness. The final product without a doubt piques interest, spurs inspiration and offers a view into perhaps the future of experimental music. – Kat Collins (The Deli Magazine DC/Baltimore)

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