Publik / Private

ninafundingPublik / Private is a new non profit multimedia music and literary platform that breaks the glass ceiling of traditional digital media by exploring arts and culture in a way that is unwavering, undefined and without. P / P works to provide job opportunities, job placement, and career development for musicians, arts and culture journalists and creative writers. We also provide volunteer opportunities and internships within Publik / Private so that artists may hone their professional media skills in a supportive and safe environment.We’re also developing a non profit record label in order to support Bay Area based bands with physical distribution, local tour support and promotion and PR. Bands in turn will be encouraged to volunteer and serve the community as The Process Records serves them. Pay it forward!


The Process Records Media Group
The Deli Magazine San Francisco
Independent Arts and Media
14 Black Poppies

Publik / Private Radio airs on every Sunday from 4-6 pm PST. We play everything from jazz and blues, to neo psych and noise, to vintage country and folk and whatever lies in between.

If you’re a writer, journalist or musician interested in contributing to Publik / Private and learning more about the organization, please feel free to contact us:

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